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Grow your business

Business-dot-IT wants to help you grow your business, put customer service at the heart of your company, and implement software solutions that fit your business.

Your website strategy 
A well-designed website is critical to attract and keep new clients.

At Business-dot-IT we want to help you grow your business by having a digital image that brings trust to your clients and is an effective sales channel!

Happy Clients

Put customer service at the heart of your company and increase the ROI on your marketing efforts with the help of Business-dot-IT! We will be more than glad to help you with Administrative Support, Technical Specialists, Community Management, Real-time Interaction with website visitors


Ad Hoc IT Solutions

At Business-dot-IT we understand that your business has specific requirements. Allow us to help you take full advantage of your software applications or create software solutions that meet your business’ specific needs and accelerate the return on your software investments.

Make your customers find you!

The domain is the address of the house so that people can find it, and thus, it is important having a name that is both relevant and easy to remember. In business-dot-it we can help you to have your own domain name.


You can have the space you need for your website

The hosting is as if it were your home. Your belongings are the pages of your site, images and accessories. The size of the house will depend on the amount of your belongings. Let us help you have a reliable space (99.9% uptime guarantee)